Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Morning Detour

When Big K first got her drivers license I practically panicked each time the phone rang when she was gone.  I was  just sure she was calling to tell me she'd been in an accident. After about a month later that fear diminished. 

When Little K started driving the fear never returned and one month to the date she received her drivers license I received a call saying she had an accident.  That accident ended up totaling her car.  You can read more about her accident here.

About 10 minutes after Little K left for school this morning the phone rang.  It's Little K and she's very excited; my first thought was "crap, she's had an accident."  Why do we mothers put ourselves through that?

She started to tell me how she was on her way to school, the car in front of her swerved and all of a sudden there it was - a black lump in the road.  She proceeds to pull into a drive way and retrieve a little kitten.

"I couldn't just leave him there mom to get hit, what do I do with it?"  she asks.  I'm think to myself  "yeah, what do you do with it?"  Being the cold, stern mother I am I said, "Fine, bring it back home we'll figure something out." 

And here he is:

He's so cute, but something had to be wrong with him.  When Jake sniffed him (mind you the cat is smaller then Jake's nose) the cat didn't even move.  When I tried to stand him up he just fell.  He didn't act like he was in pain but something just wasn't right.

My fear was Little K was going to beg to keep him but instead she asked me if I wanted her to take it to the humane society; and that's was she did.  We will never know the destiny of that little kitty but it warms my heart to see the compassion in Little K's eyes when she was taking care of him.

Take care little kitty may God bless you.

Update:  Little K called the humane society and found out the kitty is just too injured and will have to be put down.  She is upset and just doesn't understand.  Please prayer for her understanding. 


Frau said...

I hope the kitty is okay maybe just scared and hungry.

rcubes said...

Being found by Little K, that kitty was fortunate! First step so treatments could be given. Kinda' like when the Lord found us, lost...weak...unstable....but that was the first great thing- to be found by Him so we can have that healing. Hope that kitty is ok by now. What an act of kindness displayed by little K with a big heart. Blessings.

Ina in Alaska said...

Little K is a true angel to stop to assist a helpless little creature. My heart just melted when I saw it's picture. I hope the little kitty receives treatment and a wonderful home. So sad how these helpless animals are tossed out to fend for themselves in such a heartless world.

Many hugs sent to Little K today! she warmed my heart. xoxoxoxo

Suz said...

Good for "Little K." What a cute kittie. I hope he/she finds a good home.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm so very sorry that the kitty had to be put down. But the kitty went in a peaceful way instead of being hit by a car. Little K was it's angel here on earth.

Please tell her that the kitty is now whole again and romping around with the other kittens.

KK said...

OH, that is so hard. I'll say a prayer for her right now.