Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday With Jake

Woof, that's dog for Hi and welcome back.

Little K took me to the dog run on Thursday, it was great.  There were only few dogs so Little K let me off my lead until other dogs arrived.

Hey, who's that up there?

Yea, it's mom.  She came to go for a walk with us.

Mom wanted me to pose and look pretty, I just wasn't in the mood.  Gee mom, the guys are here.

I got a little out control, mom put me in time out.  She said I wasn't playing nice with others.

We dogs will be dogs, it was a great trip to the dog run - I love riding in the car.

Oh yeah, mom wanted me to apologize for the pictures, they just didn't turn out very well.  Probably because she had to keep watching out for the others dogs I wasn't getting along with.  

Have a great weekend.


Frau said...

Jake is a cutie...looks like he loves his walks. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kwana said...

Hi Jake you look great in your pictures. Aren't moms such a pain about taking them though? Have a good weekend. From your friend Jack!

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh Jake your mom will get the hang of taking your pictures in due course. Our personal papparazzi (our mom) is always marching us around with a camera and we just love jiggling our leashes so she has to stand very still--while holding our leashes-- to take our pictures during our walking times.

Toby: and all bets are off when BFF Lois comes along... xoxo

Jake we love your snappy scarf. You are one stylish dude!!

Toby, Ginger & Jeter (as dictated to their Mom)

MAX said...

Hey Jake
Thank you so much for taking us with you to the dog run! Don't worry about the pictures because we think they tell the story superbly. We are glad you all enjoyed yourself (psst..try to be more behaved next time then mom will want to take you back there:))

KK said...

Hi Jake,
Glad you had fun! My dog doesn't play well with others either and does not understand why I don't let her play either!