Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a journey!

What a whirl wind this last month has been.  I can't believe that's it's been a month since my last post.  God has me on a great journey learning to trust, obey, and to submit to Him.  Now, I said it is a great journey, but not an easy one.

Today is the finals for the State Swimming competition, Little K did great during the prelims.  She placed 14th in the 50 Free Style and 13th in the 100 Free Style putting her 2nd alternate and 1st alternate respectfully in her events.  What does that mean you ask, if someone can't swim today in the 100 Free Relay she will be able to swim the consolation heat and if 2 girls can't swim she'll be able to swim in the 50 Free consolation heat.  The odds are slim that she'll be able to swim but not impossible; so we're heading back to the Bob Devany sports center for day two.

Little K has grown so much during the six weeks of the swim season.  She has been learning how to control her emotions when she doesn't place and get the time she wants and that winning isn't the only form of measurement.  Yesterday when she found out she was .03 seconds away from swimming in the consolation heat today she was very disappointed you could see it on her face but she controlled her emotions and we were very proud of her.  She knows that she has a very slim chance of swimming today but she is excited to have the opportunity to go back on the second day. 

As for me, I think I put my body and mind into shock this last six weeks.  As I explained in an earlier post, I felt God was leading me into another vocation direction.  When the opportunity came up to take a temporary position for three months and leave my permanent position it made no since to me but I felt that was what God was wanting me to do so taking a deep breath - I did it.

We are in the process of reading Dave Ramsey's book on how to get out of debt; I've been wanting to get a second job to move this process along but wasn't having much success.  As it turns out God did bless me with a second job, my old job.  My employer couldn't afford to hire a new person full time to fill my position, so now I am still working for my old employer at night after I get off from the new job.  I would have never thought that the current job I was in would become my second job -  God is Good.

It hasn't been easy though, it makes for some very long days.  I by the time I get home I am brain dead.  During this transition I've pretty much have been coming home and acting like a slug.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband that has picked up the slack, as he always does.

During these last few weeks I've learned more then just a new industry, I have learned a lot about myself.
  • A positive attitude goes a long way.  I would come home and feel tired and sorry for myself because I worked 11-12 hours that day.  We'll boo hoo, so does B and yet he is picking up my slack.  B - I'm sorry.
  • If I keep a daily routine around the house, I can come home do my routine and then have some down time with out feeling guilty or anxious. It also takes some stress of B so he too has time to sit and relax.  I can't believe how self-centered I have been - to all that have been affect by  my self-centeredness, "I'm Sorry." 
  • I need to take time to take care of myself.  I know that if I would eat better and exercise more I would feel better, be less anxious, and be more productive.  I have been coming home around 7:30 - 8:00 at night, eating some dinner and then going into my bedroom and falling asleep while watching a movie.  This left B with house work that needed to be done, take care of the dogs for the night as well as get himself ready for bed.
  God has been ever so faithful and I've seen many blessing since we have decided to work on becoming debt free and better stewards with our money.  I have asked God to open my eyes to the things I do that displease Him so that I may change - yeah careful what you pray for, I have found plenty of things to work on. 

I hope to keep you updated on God's faithfulness in my life.  How has God blessed you?  Please leave a comment or you can email me at