Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Mr. Sun

I am ever so thankful for heat you provide our planet so that we may sustain life. I am ever so thankful for the light you provide so that we may see where we are going. I am ever so thankful that you hide for a while so that we may get the rest our bodies need. But REALLY, do you need to be right at eye level as I am trying to merge onto a busy street and remain there during my entire drive into work????

She's sitting at a stop light wondering what the day will bring, that is after her vision returns, the sun is very bright this morning. She finds herself falling into "the stare". You know "the stare", you're conscious of what is going on around you yet your eyes are fixed on one certain point and you can't seem to redirect them, "the stare" feels good to her, relaxing.

There is a semi-truck in the lane beside her. The stare if fixed on a small reflection under the cab of the truck, a reflection of the sun. As she continues to stare at this reflection as it becomes bigger and brighter. The stare does not waver, the stare stays fixed on the reflection under the truck as it becomes bigger and brighter.

The tunnel vision continues as the reflection gets bigger, brighter and changes shape. The world around that spot on the pavement as become a blur - "what is that?", she wonders. Then the traffic light turns green and the truck starts to move. She sees little drops of liquid fall from the truck and the mystery is solved.

That bright reflection of light under the truck, the light that she focused on the entire time she was waiting for traffic to move again reminds her to focus on the one true light that really matters, the light of Jesus Christ. But has she been truly focusing on that Light? No she has not, her focus had altered to the world. She doesn't understand all of the feeling going on inside her right now or why things are happening the way they are, she may never know. That's the problem, the point of focus is the problem.

Focusing on the Light brings peace that surpasses all understanding. Focusing on the Light brings hope and joy in a dark world.

I am ever so thankful Mr. Sun, that you redirected my focus.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Should I or Shouldn't I

I did.....and I can't believe I did it.

Both dd's wanted to get their cartilage pierced and some how I got talked into too.  

What do you think...pretty cool huh????

Friday, September 18, 2009


Whew...the picture about says it all. What a week it's been.

This week was Cheer-io camp. This is a fund raising event for the cheerleaders.
We have group of roughly 90 girls ages K-8th grade. They have been practicing
at the high school everyday from 5:30-7:00. They will perform at half time tonight at the football game - Go Gators.

Between helping with Cheer-ios as soon as I get off work and looking for a car for dd16 and 8:00 dinners I'm about wiped out. My poor house - it will get some attention tomorrow, that is if we're not out looking for a car all day. Why does that process have to take so long.

Just as a Monday begins a new week filled with hope and anticipation, Friday begins the wind down of that same week. I hope you are able to find some time this weekend to just stop and smell the flowers and count your blessings.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this video.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Praising Him, it's what's on my heart today, won't you join me?

Have a joyous day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So many changes going on, some foreseen, some is not.

Some change is welcomed, some is not.

Some change is easy, some is not.

Some change is brought on by ourselves, some is not.

She looks around, what are some of the changes going on in her life right now? Oh so many changes. She is a person of change, she welcomes change or does she?

Some change makes her happy and place her on the mountain top. Some change makes her sad and place her in the valley.

She knows that change is part of life's cycle, that change can not be ignored. Some change makes her cry. Some change makes her smile. Some change gives her feeling of anxiety. Some change gives her peace.

What ever the change, she will face it with courage, faith, and hope knowing He is right beside her - every step of the way. She will follow Him. She will trust Him. She will love Him.

She opens her bible, she clings to her verse, she has made it hers:

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chocolate Math

Can you figure out your current age by how many time you would like to consume chocolate in a given week?  Click here and find it out. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Homecoming 2009

The school year is in full bloom, tonight was Homecoming already.

The team was ready to go.

Little K had a busy night, she started the night by cheering for the first quarter.

Then she played in the pep band during the 2nd quarter to warm up and get ready for the 1/2 time show.

She did take some time out to come see her parents.

Then she was off to cheer some more.

Our team won 30-0.

Once the game was over it was time to get ready for the Homecoming Dance.

Here's Little K and her date L just before they left for the dance.  Don't they make a cute couple?

Do you know why they call it homecoming and why they choose the game they do?
The designated homecoming came is the first home game after the first away game.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RIP - Lilly

Little K (16) was on her way to cheer at a volleyball game last Thursday night.  It was raining and she was crossing town during rush hour.

Originally she was in the wrong lane that she needed to go straight and ended up going around a block.  She went around the block only to find the lane she needed was backed up by several blocks.  Then to her relief someone let her in, unfortunately she forgot about the traffic still moving in the lane she had to cross.  She was T-boned in the back door drivers side.

She called us right away, only thing was she was so upset I could hardly understand her and trying to figure out where she was, was next to impossible.  Finally someone else took the phone from her and we were able to figure out where the accident took place. 

We were only a few yards away from the accident when a squad car came through with their lights on and backed up traffic.  I seriously thought about just getting out of the car and running the rest of the way.  Then to our relief everyone got out of the lane we were in (that's where the patrol car parked) and we zoomed right up front.

They were just finishing checking her over and other then a few small cuts from fly glass and a bump on her head from hitting the side window, she was fine. 

The other divers was fine, as for her car - I'm not thinking so much.  It's not a good sign when you see a pile of kitty litter soaking something up that leaked out of her car.

I had already called her cheer coach to let her know Little K would not be at the game (Oh how I love cell phones).  After everything was said and done Little K insisted on making an appearance at the game.  Against my better judgment I took her to the game and she was able to talk to her coach and other friends about it.  They too had a chance to see that she was fine. 

Fast forward to today:  we received the call - Lilly is totaled.  Lilly, you did a great job with the help of God protecting my baby and keeping her safe during that scary time.  I am sorry that you did not fair very well.  You may be replaced but you will always be remembered. 

Oh yeah, it was B's birthday too, Happy Birthday Honey.