Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RIP - Lilly

Little K (16) was on her way to cheer at a volleyball game last Thursday night.  It was raining and she was crossing town during rush hour.

Originally she was in the wrong lane that she needed to go straight and ended up going around a block.  She went around the block only to find the lane she needed was backed up by several blocks.  Then to her relief someone let her in, unfortunately she forgot about the traffic still moving in the lane she had to cross.  She was T-boned in the back door drivers side.

She called us right away, only thing was she was so upset I could hardly understand her and trying to figure out where she was, was next to impossible.  Finally someone else took the phone from her and we were able to figure out where the accident took place. 

We were only a few yards away from the accident when a squad car came through with their lights on and backed up traffic.  I seriously thought about just getting out of the car and running the rest of the way.  Then to our relief everyone got out of the lane we were in (that's where the patrol car parked) and we zoomed right up front.

They were just finishing checking her over and other then a few small cuts from fly glass and a bump on her head from hitting the side window, she was fine. 

The other divers was fine, as for her car - I'm not thinking so much.  It's not a good sign when you see a pile of kitty litter soaking something up that leaked out of her car.

I had already called her cheer coach to let her know Little K would not be at the game (Oh how I love cell phones).  After everything was said and done Little K insisted on making an appearance at the game.  Against my better judgment I took her to the game and she was able to talk to her coach and other friends about it.  They too had a chance to see that she was fine. 

Fast forward to today:  we received the call - Lilly is totaled.  Lilly, you did a great job with the help of God protecting my baby and keeping her safe during that scary time.  I am sorry that you did not fair very well.  You may be replaced but you will always be remembered. 

Oh yeah, it was B's birthday too, Happy Birthday Honey.


Frau said...

I hope everyone is okay! Very scary! Best of luck and prayers coming your way!

Kwana said...

Man, my heart is stopping for a second time as I read this post. I'm so glad that she is okay. RIP Lilly. You did a wonderful job.

TeeTee_71 said...

I'm glad she is good after the accident. Sorry that the vehicle is a loss. It could have been so much worse. My son's best friend (who is my best friend's son btw) was killed in an auto accident last August.

Sheryl said...

TeeTee_71 There was a 16 year old killed in an accident just a few weeks ago here in town. That was all Little K could think of for a while. Just bad timing.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Good going, Lilly for protecting Sheryl's baby girl. RIP!

Suz said...

Sorry that Lilly did not survive but the fact that Little K is OK is what is important. Things can be replaced. It's a bit more difficult with daughters.

April said...

How scary that must have been...God was definitely watching closely over her!

Heart2Heart said...


Better that the car lost it's life protecting your little one! Cars can be replaced but our children can not.

Thankfully it all turned out all right in the end.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sneaky Momma said...

Bless her heart. How scary that must have been for her. Thank goodness that she is okay. Lilly, you did your job well. :)

C-Joy said...

So glad she's OK! {{{HUGS}}}

Andrea said...

Praising GOD that your sweet one is fine. As I read your story it brought back the events surrounding my sister's automobile accidents and death 20 years ago.
GOD has blessed you with the continued presence of your awesome daughter in your life. I pray she realizes the gift and will forever praise HIM for it.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Ina in Alaska said...

Glad your daughter is ok!!

Mary said...

Hi Sheryl, I came here from "Create by Faith". So glad you sweet daughter is okay. That is one of the scariest calls to get!!

Great blog, I will be back for sure.



Anonymous said...

It's just a car. The important thing is your daughter is alright!