Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridays with Jake

Hello everyone,  I would like to show you around the back yard.

 Big K

Little K

 My favorite outside toy, empty milk container.

I love my toy even more when when off of the 2 legged family members is on the other end.

Oh and the back scratches bring me to my knees.

Oh yeah, wouldn't be complete if I didn't show you my biggest temptation; the Great Dane in on the other side of this fence. 

....after a hard day of play in the back yard.

See ya next week.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Jake you have way too much fun. Something tells me that you have them all wrapped around your paws.

Frau said...

Jake you have an awesome playground! I wish we lived closer Sophie would love to play tug a war with your toy. Have a wonderful weekend with your Humans!

Joyce said...

Jake thats for sharing a day with you in your backyard. You are one lucky dog, but I'm guessing you already know this. A golden weekend to you and your family. xo

Deborah said...

Hey Jake, You have a nice backyard!
You mean all your stuffies and you like the empty toy containor!! LOL kind of like babies and toy boxes!
Have a nice weekend!

Heart2Heart said...


I just love it when you host a post! What a wonderful and simple life you live and bring so much love and happiness to your family!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Loren said...

Aww Jake you are precious and have such an awesome playground!! I am pretty sure you have a family who loves you VERY MUCH!!! BUT I am pretty sure you give them lots of love right back and bring them so much JOY :)

Have fun playing Jake ~ Happy Friday

Anonymous said...

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Ina in Alaska said...

Oh that was fun Jake!! We enjoyed seeing GRASS!! Ours is now covered with snow!!! We like tugging stuffies with our mom and dad. We also like to make them throw our stuffies down the stairs so we can run up and down and make them throw it all over again!! We would love to play with you but we live too far away :(

Toby, Ginger & Jeter (as dictated to their mom)

KK said...

Thanks for the tour Jake!