Wednesday, June 24, 2009


With the type of spring we have had this year I knew summer would just jump right in, yup that's Nebraska for you.

We've had storms and lots of rain, sorry for those of you who are in a drought and now the heat and humidity begins. Yesterday was 99 degrees with a heat index of about 110.

KJ and I worked the concession stand at Haymarket Park last night during the Salt Dogs game (The Salt Dogs are a semi-pro baseball team). This is a fundraiser to help pay for her cheer expenses.

Was it ever hot, at least we were out of the sun. They game seemed to take forever last night and we did not get out of the park until 11:00 p.m. at which point the temperature dropped down to a cool 88 degrees. All I could think of was a nice cool house and cold shower - not asking too much am I?

I must have been asking for the world - I walked into the house at 11:15 p.m. My husband is in the family room in front of fans and not dressed for bed yet, at this hour that is unheard of for him. I looked at him and all I could say is, "why is it so HOT in here?" Of which he answered, "guess.".

I am beyond hot and sweaty and the last thing I wanted to think about was no air conditioner with another 99 degree high heat index day foretasted for the next day-of which crazy me scheduled us to work at Haymarket Park again - what an idiot.

As I am sitting on the couch next to B and thinking, all four of us will be working in an air conditioned environments but the house will be too hot for the dogs. As if reading my mind B says, "I've already made appointments for the dogs to go to puppy daycare. " Isn't he just the best. I used to scoff at people who took their pets to puppy daycare (sorry hope I don't offend anyone). Guess I just wasn't raised that way. Well, it has saved my tush twice now so no more scoffing. All three dogs are off to Kenel Inn. At least I know they will stay cool too, what we pet owners won't do for our pets.

We have an after-hours appointment sometime tonight; it was that or wait until Friday. As I write this post I am praying for God's mercy that He will allow the air conditioner to be fixed tonight and not cost us an arm and a leg. However, we will enduring whatever He wants us to endure so do we have to do that with out complaining?

I pray for those who do not a choice and live where there is no air conditioning, we take it so much for granted.

Dear Lord,
I pray for those who are out in the heat by no choice of their own. Give them a place to escape the heat at least for a little while. If it be your will, show me how to help them. Amen.


Deidra said...

Our a/c was out this week, too. Fortunately, it was just on one side of the house. It always picks the hottest days, doesn't it?

pve design said...

We did not have air conditioning when we bought our home and lived years without and I was pregnant with my daughter and that was the summer heatwave - We did however finally get it and I feel it is such a luxury. We only use it when it is truly necessary.

Actual Scale said...

We rarely used AC when I was a kid because we flat out couldn't afford it, but now, with my son's allergies, we don't have much of a choice - it is on.

I feel for you - I'm in MO & we've got about the same heat index, but luckily (HA) it has been getting down to the high 70s at night. Whooo

At least the tomato plants love the weather. ;)

Hope it gets fixed quickly & as inexpensively as possible!

NJDecorator said...

While my house AC is fine (sorry) my car AC is not working. Not as bad, but they cannot service the car until Monday.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours is resolved much sooner.

Juls said...

A/C and me are good friends. I can totally relate. I am thankful for it. Especially because I know there are some that do not have it.

petrii said...

I am so sorry your air is out. It is so hot here too (Missouri). Hope you get it fixed soon.

Have a Blessed evening,

Andrea said...

I am so sorry. I hope your ac is fixed quickly. We have two ac units and two air handlers. Both had to be replaced recently. Lets pray they last for another 20 years like the first ones...

Blessings, andrea

Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

I really need to proof my comments better before I post them :)


The air was fixed by 6:30 for that I am very thankful.

Ina in Alaska said...

I hope the air will be cool soon in your home and everyone can get back to business as usual!!! thanks for the lovely prayer at the end.... very sweet.

Emily said...

I love your prayers at the end of your posts. You make me look at talking to God in a new way...