Monday, June 15, 2009

Small treasures

I love the "Men in Black" movies. They're a great no brainer that fill the void when you want to watch something and there's nothing on tv. I didn't realize the first movie came out in 1997 which could be why I have been having a hard time finding it.

Last Wednesday we had one child at cheer camp and the other one working. With no kids to worry about we were a couple of leisure. After work we ran to the store together to pick up a few items. For whatever reason we just started wondering around the store and ended up back by the movies. I decided to see if they had MIB 1 or 2 in stock. They didn't have the movies but it was the beginning of the hunt.

With no plans for that evening we went out and enjoyed a peaceful dinner, just the two of us. Then we hit a couple of video stores, I wasn't picky, I would be happy with used movies. No luck with the first two stores, on the 3rd video store I found the 2nd movie for $14.99. Wasn't thrilled with the price but I decided to buy it.

Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to find the first one. My husband reminds me that Best Buys is just down the street.

Yea! not only do I find the first movie but they also have the second movie - both for $9.99 each. I decide to buy both for $20 (new) and return my used one.

I take my find to the register, she rings up my purchases and say, "$8.54."

I asked her if she rang up both of them. She said yes, they were on sale for $3.99 - EACH.

So I got both movies-new-for 1/2 the price I paid for the one used one.

Now how cool is that????

What cool finds have you found?



Frau said...

i love when that happens! I always feel like I won somekind of lottery.

Andrea said...

What a blessing! I love it when that kind of thing happens. It is such a treat.


Joyce said...

Yahoo... I love those hidden treasures! Sounds like a great weekend. xoxo