Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Goose Chase?

Today I went for an interview.  I thought it was odd that the interview would be in Omaha and I told them I wanted to work in Lincoln.  They assured me there were offices in Lincoln, against my better judgment I went.  

I got lost and was late for the interview, the gentleman hardly looked at my resume, asked a couple of questions and then lead me to a conference room for the second part of the interview.  The first guy lead me to believe to believe this would be work in a call center.  Not my first choice, did that not sure I want to go back, but I was open to it.  

There were eight other people in this room, hum... group interview?  Then someone came in and started a presentation.  This was a fast pace sales pitch to sell insurance.  Selling is not my thing, I am better behind a desk or some other administrative duties.  About 1.25 hours later he started going around the room asking people why they should hire us.  When it was my turn it simple said, "I don't believe I will be a good fit for your company and I am going to excuse myself" and I left.  (By the way - no offices in Lincoln.)

I think the part that irritated me was that the position was misrepresented.  Why didn't they just say they need sales agents instead of wasting my time.

During the 45 minute drive back to Lincoln I kept replying the meeting/interview in my mind and asking God what the purpose was for this trip.  

While running an errand after I got back into town I was able to do a little networking and because I didn't leave my resume with the other company I had one to hand out.  

So tomorrow I hit the road running.  I have several ideas in mind and companies to check.  I know God will lead me to the right company in his time.  Until then - I'll just keep on keeping on.

Dear Lord, take this adventure and make it yours.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I hate how companies are misleading. I have sent out many resumes from Craigslist only to find that they are scams and are asking for you to check your credit scores with their company.

Something good is around the corner for you. I just know it!

Suz said...

Sheryl -

I am going to be job hunting, too. I hate it. We can compare notes.

God will provide you the job you should have, Have faith, sister.

RCUBEs said...

May the Lord open up a great door of opportunity for you sister. God bless.

Graceful said...

It's so nice to meet you here -- thanks for visiting Graceful. You're a fellow Lincolnite? And I see you know Suz, too -- small world!

Anyway, just wanted to say keep the faith. You will find something...and in the meantime, try (and I know it's hard) to enjoy the time as a bit of a break from the hustle of working full-time!

Linda said...

Hi Sheryl,

I am sure something much better is waiting for you! God is good and He is in control.
Enjoy your day.

Chibi said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. My other half dealt with a number of misrepresented job opportunities recently and it's SO frustrating - such a waste of your (and their!) time.

I hope you find something much more suitable ASAP. :)