Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little bird "Tweeted" in my ear

 Today is the first day of "unemployment".  As I have written earlier, my temporary job was coming to an end and my permanent job is closing.  So the day has come...end of that adventure.

As I was laying in bed - tweeting,  trying to decide whether or not to feel sorry for myself I received the following tweet:

@sherylk1515 Hope that you can get back to something soon. Amazing, every time I get a break I wonder when I ever have time go to work.

My response was:

@slmar I have faith that God will give me a little break and then start me on a new adventure.

After I sent that I thought to myself-yes that is what God is really doing. I haven't had any time off for months and months. I need to enjoy this free time I have been blessed with the time off he's given me.

I meant what I said when I posted it but it wasn't until I read it back to myself that the light came on.  

I have wanted to have some time off to be able to get some projects done for a long time but the time never presented it's self - now it has.  Today is the first day of my new adventure.  I am going to enjoy this time off and try not to worry about the finances.  Yes, now the task of looking at the want ads are now part of my morning routine, but I won't let it consume me - I will take time to enjoy the blessing of time off God has given me.

God Is Good, yes he is, He's good all of the time.


Kwana said...

You are so right. Enjoy the new journey. God is so good.

Ina in Alaska said...

Go with it! Something is bound to turn up for you. Meanwhile, I agree with Kwana, enjoy the new journey and we will be right here by your side! xoxo

Jill said...

Stopping in to say, "Hello"!
I'm sorry to hear about your job issues. I love your attitude. I hope you enjoy the time that God has given you to slow down and smell the roses! :)

Anonymous said...
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slmar said...

I am always awed by how things that happen in my life, even the trials and tears, always bring me to know that our Father has a hand in even the most intricate aspects of our lives. I am sure it is God himself that did the inspiring. I'm glad that he could use me to deliver the "God breeze" you needed to hear.