Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom, today is Mother's Day, I woke up thinking of you.  I can't believe it's been 22 years since I've been able to say "Happy Mother's Day" to you physically, but I tell you every year in my heart. 

Thank you so much for your love and sacrifices. It wouldn't be until much later in my life that I would understand those sacrifices, big and little, and appreciate them. 

As I look back through the years we had our share of rough waters, what teenage girl and her mom doesn't.  Some of those times were a little rougher then then should have been but I have been able to get over those and forgive.  That forgiveness allows me to say and mean, "I Love You" and "I miss you dearly".

Good things come from the storms in our lives.  Your passing brought me Bill, my husband of almost 20 years.  Bill and I graduated together and when he saw the announcement in the paper he dropped a card off at the mortuary.  After the funeral I called and thanked him and we got together the following weekend.  We hadn't seen each other since graduation (seven years) and had no idea we would spend the rest of our lives together.  

I wish you could have been at my wedding, I know you were watching over.  I wish you could have been at the birth of my children, your grandchildren, but I know you were watching over.  I wish you could be at their high school graduations but I know you're watching over.  Big K will soon be getting married herself, I wish you could be there but I know you'll be watching over as you have my entire life.  

A mother's love never ends and I truly believe it doesn't stop when she goes on home a head of us.  

Now I have two teenage girls of my own and I see a little bit of you in both of them - everyday.  There are times when I can't help but shake my head and say to myself, "mom would have done that".  

So the cycle continues of a mother's love, past down from one generation to another.   

I can not begin to thank God enough for the blessings of Big K and Little K and the joy they bring to my life.  Lord, thank you for entrusting their lives to me.  What an adventure it has been and I'm sure will continue to be.

Happy Mother's Day ! 


Kwana said...

Oh gosh I don't need to cry this morning. Happy Mother's Day to you my friend. Enjoy the day.

RCUBEs said...

It's not the same when our mothers are not here anymore. But I'm glad that the memories and love they shared would always be here to cheer us up! Happy Mother's Day to you sister and God bless you.

Frau said...

I'm crying now too! What a wonderful post...Happy Mother's Day!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You know, your mom has got to be beaming! You are such a wonderful, caring mom. You recognize the beautiful traits that your mom has passed on to you and now, you to your daughters. Happy Mother's day to you! May it be special!

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

Beautiful tribute, dear friend! Thank you for sharing your heart with each of us.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Suz said...

I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

My Dad died 40 years ago and I miss him but I can't imagine the void in my life if my mother had died 40 years ago. She has now been gone 8 years.

My heart aches for you and is glad at the same time. Your mother lives on in you and in your girls. It's wonderful how God plans that stuff!!

I loved your post. Thanks