Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's with Jake - Oh how I LOVE Spring !

It's my favorite time of year SPRING ! ! ! And mom gets the grill out....I'm her Grilling Buddy.

I always go out and keep her company while she grills.  The smells just drive me nuts. 

Mom and I play while the food is cooking.

I love it when she throws the ball.   It's my favorite thing to play with...until I find the old mike carton.

Maddie hangs out and watches us play.  She doesn't like to play ball.  It might be because the ball is WAY to big for her to pick it up.

TJ comes and joins us for a while.  He'll sit on mom's lap for a while but then he wants to go in.  This is his "Mom, I want to go in" look.

There's a Great Dane that lives on the other side of this fence.  Mom and dad always yell at me for barking and jumping at the fence. 

I love all of the new smells.

Oh, that's where I left that.

And my milk jug again.  Hope mom throws out a new one soon, this one is getting pretty small.

What's that, I think I hear mom going inside - Time For Dinner.

See ya next week.  I am so happy, I think the old mom is back.

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