Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You signed us up for what-when?

You have just got to love your children - regardless the age don't you?.
Ok, so I'm sitting in the chair last night all wrapped up in a blanket because my body decides to wait until spring to catch a cold. I receive an email on my phone, it's not like I keep it with me all of the time, gee I might miss something I get the following e-mail from the cheer coach:
Sorry for the late notice, but xxx told us recently that they added us on April 5th..........
I've talked to some of the girls at tryouts today and here are the one who said they could work:
You guessed it MY name was on that list, and when was my daughter going to tell me?
Here's the conversation (of course I text her and tell her to come up stairs):
Me: Tell me about this email talking about the concession stand on Sunday.
Her: Oh yeah forgot to tell you, they needed help and I figured we've done it before no big deal. - then she walks off.
Me: O.........K........
Do these kids never think that maybe we already have something planned - like maybe we have a life too? Like a "Women's Challenge Kick Off" on that very Sunday. One that I am leading and really need to be there for.
So after texting my friend about my dilemma, she says, "can B work for you?". Well, duh didn't think of that. So I explain the situation to my husband, he finds a couple of excuses not to work the concession stand and I come up with solutions. He finally said. "I would rather go lead your women's group after worship." That made my jaw drop to the floor, I said, "You're kidding?".
Well, I'll just have to figure out how to be in two places at once.
By the way.....I have to teach my daughter to check the weather 1st, Sundays forecast:
Eeekkk Rain, snow, and 44 degrees. Does that really sound like baseball weather to you?
HELP: Can anyone tell me why blogger will let me put in paragraphs in one post and not the other. Sorry that this was hard to read.


Juls said...

Oh, I can so relate to being volunteered for things... :) Snow, rain.....hopefully they'll cancel the game. :) Let us know how the women's group goes! I Have no idea bout the paragraphs!?!

April said...

This same situation happens to me all the time! I'm supposed to work the concessions tonight at Brittany's track meet...I'm praying for lots of rain! Isn't that terrible? LOL!

HappySkinnyGirl said...

No big deal - life's lesson from the kids. Got to love them for it =)

t.t. millers said...

My boys do this ALL the time. I just thought it was because they were boys. Guess it's just a "kid" thing!! ;-)

Ina J Offret said...

I would LOVE snow and/or rain, preferably rain to clear off the ash from Mt. Redoubt from my deck and driveway!! Can't hose it off because it would freeze...

PS Moms have magical powers! They can be in two places at once and best of all, have eyes in the back of their heads!! xoxo