Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My little cheerleader

It's the end of the year and don't we all do a lot of reflecting over the year and past years as well. My girls are growing up and with one of them graduating this year I have done a lot of reflecting on there childhood.

I remember the year my youngest daughter was in 1st grade. We were getting ready to go to the school Christmas program. She had the cutest little dress with ribbon and lace. I loved it - she didn't. We took her to her classroom before the program and she was just bawling. When her teacher looked at her (this was the teachers first year of teaching) she looked at me and said, "my goodness, what's wrong?", my response was, "I made her wear a dress." I wished the teacher good luck and went to find my seat. The program was great, my daughters blond hair and fair skin made her red puffy eyes stick out but I still think she looked adorable.

Fast forward to the present, the little girl that bawled because she had to wear a dress for her Christmas program is now in her second year of cheerleading with all the girly stuff that goes with it. We dropped her off this morning, actually I think it was still middle of the night, to head down to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN where her squad will march in the Liberty Bowl Parade and then perform during half time. They grow up so fast.....

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