Thursday, December 11, 2008


Eek, I got a little over zealous with my goals for this week. Here it is Thursday and I have maybe lost 1 pound if that. I have not been feeling well so I haven't exercised, I have some, but not much. And the salt tooth has taken over. Ok, the entire junk tooth has taken over. I'd like to blame the week on illness but that was only a small portion. I chose what to eat.

As I said before, when we fall we must get up, brush ourselves off and keep moving forward. That is what I am going to do, we'll see what the scale says Saturday.

Lord I pray for strength to fight this war on food. I need to learn - eat to live not live to eat. Be with me when I am tempted and give me another way out. Amen.

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Emily said...

Sweettie, I pray for you every morning, that you will be successful in pursuit of your goals. You're right, we can only dust ourselves off and try again. You can do it!