Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To God Be The Glory

I attended the baptism of the granddaughter of some very close friends of ours this weekend. This was a Catholic service and very different for me, I have been Baptist for many many years and have never attended a Catholic baptism. I mean no disrespect in any way, but I am sure God was laughing his head off where my H and I were concerned.

The kid in front of my was wearing a baseball cap (backwards), I didn't give it a second thought. An older gentleman came up from behind, sounding disgusted and asked him to remove his hat while he was in church, the hat was removed and that was the end of it. Part of me thought, does it really make a difference? What matters is what is on the heart not on the head.

It was a beautiful service of baptism, different for me, but beautiful. However, Gods humor did not go unnoticed. We were sitting with the family. At one point in the service the family started to get up and go to the back of the sanctuary. I felt a tug on my arm and was being told to "come on". Now mind you I wasn't necessarily paying as close attention as I should have and had no idea where or why we were going. Women were taking their purses so I grabbed mine. The lady beside me left her gloves in the pew, not knowing where we were going I grabbed them for her - bright red gloves no less.

While getting out of our row the owner of the gloves lost one of her shoes, tripped over it and kept walking. My H didn't know whether to pick it up, kick it under the pew, or just leave it until we came back, at least he knew we were coming back to our pew and wasn't carrying bright red gloves. Our group stopped - great we just went to the back of the sanctuary to the baptismal. There I stand with these gloves, quite obvious that I have no clue what I am doing. I handed them to the owner and just pleaded stupidity. Thank the Lord she was the mother of our good friends.

In our church I am used to sitting during the prayer so when the priest said "lets us pray" I bowed my head only to realized a couple of seconds later everyone else was standing up. I quickly jumped to my feet, my H got a good laugh out of that one.

The Lords Prayer is also said a little differently then I am used to, we got to a point towards the end and everyone stopped, everyone that is except my H and me. We continued to finish the prayer for a few words until we realized that no one else was.

The communion service is a lot more ritualistic then I am used to. I sat and wondered if all that was necessary. Then I thought what honor, glory and respect those rituals are meant to give to God.

To be honest I am not into the rituals but it did make me think about the honor that was given to God. I started to think about this during the service and have continued to think about it through out the day, how do I show God honor and glory? I don't have a quick answer to that right at this moment. I'm sure some ways are obvious and some are not so obvious, but I am definitely going to give that question a lot of thought and meditation.

How do you show God honor and glory, by removing your hat in church? Now when I look back at that hat situation, yes it did make a difference, by removing the hat it shows respect, honor, and glory to God.


Deidra said...

Very cool experience. The baptism was at the back of the church?

I think ritual is beautiful. The sacred movements, sayings, and silences that direct our hearts back to God.

Kwana said...

I think it's good to see how different people honor God. The rituals can be good. Like hats off in church or holy communion. I'm AME and communion always brings me back to being grounded.

Going to Catholic service with my Grandmother was always interesting for the rituals. The bible is full of rituals and how important they are.

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Sheryl! Thanks for visiting my blog today!! Come back again, please.... So many dogs, so little time!!! Have a lovely day!!!!

wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is interesting to experience different faiths ----My husband is Catholic (but not practicing, his mom is) I am LDS ---and I think in my heart that despite some or many differences, The love we have in our Hearts for the Lord is the beginning of what's important --and how we turn our hearts to Him--- and by our actions can say alot----more then the ceremonies, rituals, or whatever. Just a thought. I don't want to care about the differences , but be more united in what's important.

KC Mom said...

Baptisms are great events...it's interesting to notice the difference in the way different churches perform it. Thanks for visiting my blog today!:)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I remember the first time I ever set foot in a Catholic church (we're baptist, too). I was 18 years old and my boyfriend's grandmother passed away.
There was a full mass at the funeral. I'm sure I was a sight to see! So much standing and sitting. I didn't know what was going on. My boyfriend's mother finally just patted me on the hand and told me to just sit down and not worry about it. :)
I love the rituals. It reminds me of how sacred worship should be and also, how people have been worshipping him for ages.

t.t. millers said...

I remember my grandfather being big about removing a hat indoors. I passed this onto my boys. I just know it's a sign of respect.
At the same time I agree with you, does God really care what you are wearing?? As long as you honor HIM!

Leslie said...

I grew up in the Lutheran church, but I ALWAYS finish the Lord's prayer... whether I'm at a Catholic mass with a friend, or a wedding. It always gets me. :)

pve design said...

All too quickly the erosion of faith has so much to do with the lack of respect for certain rituals expressed in simple etiquette, or codes of "church" conduct.
I remember a time, when dresses or skirts, hats and gloves were the mode for "Sunday best" - God loves us no matter what, no matter how much we are hurting - however, I do think we all deserve to come to his table, shining brightly. The 10 Commandments are so important to follow.

Sarah J. said...

Interesting post. I attended the wedding of a friend of my husbands, it was a catholic ceremony, and I'll admit that a lot of the rituals seemed a little odd to me, but we participated(although we were mostly confused the whole time) but it was a nice ceremony and very touching.

This Sunday in Church there were 2 men wearing hats the whole service, and it really bothered me. I talked to my brother about it, who is an elder and he said that God told us to come as we are, and that if to them that means, a hat, then thats fine. I don't think God really cares, as long as they're there, loving and worshipping him. (they did take it off for prayer and the worship time)