Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh

I was just sitting here reflecting on the realities of life:
  • Duct tape can fix most things.
  • You can hammer in a screw.
  • While shoes are very essential part of our wardrobe they don't work will on the screw.
  • Dishwasher soap and Dish soap are not interchangeable.
  • When applying for a job, don't take your mother.
  • Cats don't appreciate flee dips.
  • You can always guarantee that your dog will show off his talent by scooting across the floor on his butt when you have company.
  • Cell phones do not like toilets, pagers don't either.
  • Little kids will see how much they can flush down the toilet.
  • Ice cream bars do not travel well in a suit case.
  • Your plastic popcorn bowl doesn't fair too well on a hot burner.
  • You must look before you turn and run; you may be standing in front of a wall.
  • Before scraping the windshield, shut off the wipers.
  • Don't laugh at the dog when she slides on the ice, you may go down too.

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