Saturday, October 18, 2008

Going through the hard times

We all go through hard times; God never promised us it would easy - and he was right. But it's what we do with those hard times that matters.

Let's take David for example, he never asked to be king or to have the Spirit of he Lord leave Saul and be replaced with a spirit that tormented him. By no fault of David's Saul became jealous and wanted to destroy him. It appears that David was a victim of circumstance. David feared so much for his life that he was driven to leave his land and move into the land of the Philistines, once an enemy.

Let's look at this;
  • Saul, the father of his best friend, is trying to kill him.
  • He moves into the land of the Philistines which were once enemies.
  • He fights for the Philistines,brings back the plunder to them only to have the Philistine leaders not trust him to go into battle with them against Israel.
  • They send him home where he finds his home burned to the ground and his wives, children, and all his belongings gone.
  • And after all this, his men were blaming him for what happened.
Can things really get any worse? I can't even begin to imagine what he was feeling or how I would react. Everything he had was gone and the kicker of the whole thing is, the men who did this to him were supposed to be destroyed already by Saul.

When things go wrong my first instinct is to try to take care of it myself, especially if it involves my children. I call it the "Momma lion protecting her cubs." Isn't that what God our Father wants to do for us, protect us?

Even David cried until he had no more strength, but then he turned to God and asked for guidance. He lead David to the Amalekites where he defeated them and recovered everything that was taken by them-nothing was missing.

God will give us the strength to keep going during those hard times and He will let us know what to do next, we just need to pray and truly listen for Him.

How can you quiet your world down so you may hear your Heavenly Father?

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