Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A mother's Prayer & Letting Go

No one told me how hard it would be to let your child spread her wings.

She was in the kitchen making dinner when the phone rang. Her daughter's flight was going to be delayed by a few minutes. After checking the itinerary for the layover time she took a deep breath, "she has enough time, it's shouldn't cut her too short."

A few minutes turned into 2 hours with a change of planes due to a mechanical problem - Houston we have a problem. This was her daughters first time to fly on her own. What will she do, how will she handle this if she misses her connecting flight?

The phone rings and she picks it up eagerly, "hello". "Mom, I'm probably going to miss my connecting flight, what do I do?" "They said if we miss the flight they'll put us up in a hotel and get us out in the morning."

Just what she didn't want to hear, the heart strings pulling. Calmly, so as not to stress out her daughter any more then she already is, she says, "as soon as you land go directly to the counter, explain your situation and see if there is another connecting flight or a flight to Omaha." "Ok", still calm in her daughters voice, "I've got to go, they're boarding the flight."

She turns to her husband and puts her arms around his neck. He is her rock, the one who keeps her sane in a insane world. "It's in God's hands, he'll take care of her." As she reflected on that statement she knew in her heart that she believed it. In the past she has given situations over to God only to take them back again but this time she knew she had turned it over.

The dinner routine continues followed by clean up - the phone rings. "Mom, I missed the last flight to Lincoln by 2 minutes, I'm on priority standby for the last flight to Omaha." Her daughter continues, "there are are two of us trying to get back to Lincoln, the man at the counter says if no one else checks in we can both get on." She takes a deep breath and prays 'God, please let it be your will that she is able to get on that flight. I really don't want her spending the night in Denver.' Again, keeping her voice soft and calm "let me know as soon as you know anything."

Time goes by and she hasn't heard from her daughter, she texts her, "any news yet?"
The phone rings, her daughter is some what out of breath, "I made it mom and got the last seat to Omaha.  I feel bad because the other girls didn't get on." "Are you actually on the plane yet?" she wanted to make sure this was real, that they couldn't take it back. "Yes mom I'm on the plane."

She hung up the phone and instantly thanked God for her answered prayers. They will now need to make an hour trip to Omaha to pick her up, but at least she will not be staying in Denver by herself. She is already aware that it will make for a very late night, but will rest easy knowing her daughter is just down stairs.

Dear Heavenly Father,
How do I begin to thank you enough for bringing my daughter home to me safe and sound.  I thank you for the many learning experiences; learning to let go and let you do your thing, the learning experience Big K had during her travels and how to take care of business and the reminder once again that you are ALWAYS in control.


Joyce said...

I am glad too my friend your daughter made it home safely and slept in her own bed. Many hugs... xo

RCUBEs said...

He is always ever near. We just need to remain trusting in Him even if things seem overwhelming. He is faithful. Blessings.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

So much learned in one trip but thank God, she made it safely home. I hope that the other girl was able to get on the next flight as well.

Ina in Alaska said...

They must spread their wings and leave the nest.... xoxo

Lisa Petrarca said...

God is good! It's amazing how he takes care of everything when we finally let go.