Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Down and Getting Real

I'm sad, as much as I have tried to but on a front, I'm sad.  It was one thing for Big K to graduate this year and then start college in the fall.  That was hard enough on the heart strings.  Now at Christmas time she gets engaged.  Even though the wedding is a couple of years out, how much can a momma's heart take.

As parents we bring our children int the world, feed and clothe them, give them the best education we can, and most of all  bring them up in the faith, letting them know that no mater what happens God is in control and will always love us.

Now Big K goes and demonstrates her new found wings by flying (no pun intended) out to CA to visit Nick.  It's not like he wasn't just here, gee - young love.

 As I write this my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is filled with mixed emotions: loss (empty), wonder, joy.  As parents we have done our job, my baby bird has left the nest.  I wonder if momma birds ever get sentimental as her little peep flies out of the nest? 

She will be fine, we dedicated her to God a long time ago and I know he has great plans for her. 

If your peeps have left the nest, how did you feel?  How did you cope with it?  I'm up for any suggestions.


Crazee Juls said...

Awww.... I haven't had any leave the nest yet... but, I have to admit that now that Maeci's a teen, I do often think it won't be long.... I'm sure I'll feel the same way you do about it... Big hugs girl!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Oh yeah! I know that one very well. My oldest got married when she was 20. She is now 22. It wasn't that she "had" to get married but she was ready to make the commitment. They both were. She has always been mature beyond her years so I knew she'd be just fine. It was tough for me though. I missed her so much! Then, the next one chose to move to Texas to see the world outside of California for a year. Boy, I cried and in fact, couldn't even say good-bye to her when she left. She called to let me know that she had made it there safely.

When she came back to California, I was so happy but yet, knew that she had experienced independence. Sure enough, she lives about 20 minutes from me but in her own place.

It totally grips my heart at times to think of how much they have both grown up. Yet, when we are all together, it feels great.

Heart2Heart said...

I still have my peeps at a home for a couple more years before the first leaves and we are starting to see the separating beginning even now as she spends more time with friends and school and less with us.

Yet it is how God ordained it from the beginning that they must leave from their parents and fly on their own wings at some point. We just pray and trust in God daily that He will raise them to the great people who will bring Him all the glory.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mary said...

I feel with you! It will not be the same, but it can be better. I remember when my middle son got married, two years ago. The wedding was here at our old home. I really did not think I was having difficulty with it till the busyness of the day was over. After all the guests left, and my son and bride left for their honeymoon, I walked back into the house and passed by the room he had slept in. My breath caught. I thought last night was the last night he will ever sleep here as just my son! Then, last Christmas was the last time we will all be together as just us. It was hard, but then I realized I had a new daughter and that our family thought different would be greatly blessed by her presence.

And as your blog name says, we are never alone!


Deborah said...

That was a nice post. My little peeps have not left. My daughter is 18 and she want's to stay. She realizes how much money it is going to cost her. So she stayed home to go to college! My son has a way to go yet, I thank God for that!!!

Anonymous said...

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