Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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She is not a morning person but for some reason she is up early today.  She opens the blinds and is blessed with a beautiful sunrise.

It's a time of transition - night turning into day.

The crescent moon with a faithful star remain high in the sky while jubilant colors of pink and blue peek over the horizon.

In between the shinning moon and the colorful horizon are splotches of fluffy clouds.  They remind her of cotton balls that have been pulled apart.

The beginning of a new day.  A day of hope, a day of possibilities, a day of dreams.

The sky continues to change.  the moon and star start to fade.  The sky is getting brighter.
Even her dogs are sitting quite , watching, welcoming the new day.  For them it's a new day to frolic outside, to play with a favorite toy, to take a nap in a cozy sunny spot.  A new day just to be a dog - a new day to just be.

The darker colors of the sunrise continue to lighten as the sun makes it's way higher into the sky.  She can hear the birds sing their morning songs.  Lights are starting to come on in neighboring houses, the world is starting to stir.

And then - - the colors fade away and the sun picks over the horizon just as the beautiful colors had done just a short time ago.  She wonders what He has planned for her for the special day.

What ever the plan she'll rest in his arms knowing He is in control.


April said...

Absolutely beautiful words and picture!

Jules said...

That photo is absolutely gorgeous!

Ina in Alaska said...


Heart2Heart said...


This is a beautiful post that captures the essence of a new day! Love it and the picture. I felt like I have witnessed the birth of something wonderful.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Beautiful picture. I loved how you put into words, the emotions of waking up.

Kwana said...

This picture is so beautiful and your words capture it so well.

MAX said...

Hey there, Sheryl
You will obviously treasure your story, particularly in years to come. Sharing it will made it even more real to you. I know this because yours is almost an exact echo of my late mom-in-law's last moments. The greatest blessing was the notice we'd been given of her death and the quality time which brought the family together.
Thank you for sharing it!...and the picture of you & your dad.
Its all very precious!
MAX's mom in SA