Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pray First

Well it's swim season again, our 4th season. This is always a busy time a year for us. Mixing Thanksgiving, Christmas, 5:30 am practices and 2 a-day practices during holiday break makes for some challenging times. Getting people here and there (on time) and taking care of every day life takes planning, patients, and lots of prayer. It's during those times that we need to make sure to start and end each day with prayer.

During that prayer time we need to ask God for discernment - how to prioritize our day. We can't be so busy being busy that we lose site of what is truly important - Jesus. During the this holiday season stop and smell the evergreen. Take time to enjoy the true meaning of the holiday. Spend time with family and friends for they are a special gift from God.

What has God blessed you with this holiday season?

I want to thank my friend Dee at jumping tandem for showing me the Wordle website which was used to create the Gator word picture above.

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