Sunday, June 6, 2010

Famly Affair

 I just told the neighbor across the street that I would commit to having a garage sale in two weeks.  We have been talking about it and actually starting to go through some boxes but now it's real, I have actually set a date.

Worked in the the bedroom closet tonight, once the extras are gone it will be great to have my closet back - floor and all.  Once cleaned out I am determined to keep my closet as a closet and not a catch all. 

The next two weeks are going to be very busy now that I've committed to this garage sale, learning a new job, helping at VBS, and continuing to learn the routines at boot camp.  But with God's grace and the support of my family I know I can come out on the other end shinning.  

My adventure of getting more fit and losing weight has become a family affair.  All four of us are now attending boot camp and butts & gutts classes.  I'm the only one that really needs to lose weight but even the girls who are already fit have found out there are still muscles in their body that they have not been introduced too.  As a family we are also taking baby steps to eater better as well, our latest discovery has been sweet potatoes.  

The sweet potato is rich in Vitamin A ) beta-carotene and Vitamin C.  Both vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants that work in the body to remove free radicals, this free radicals are chemicals that damage cell.  They are also good for stomach ulcers and inflamed conditions of the colon.  Click HERE to read about more benefits of the sweet potato. 

For both myself and B sweet potatoes were something our mothers made and we never touched.  I have baked them like baked potatoes and have sliced them and baked them with olive oil.  B and I have discovered we do like them, Big K as eaten some (I'm sure it was just to humor us) and Little K seems to manage to be gone every time there on the menu - hummm what's up with that?

I neither lost or gained weight this last week and since I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday and not watching real close what I've been eating - I'll take it.  Tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of a new week - the sky's the limit.

At the end of the next two weeks I hope to be:
Richer - yeah right (but at least I'll have less clutter in the house)
And more comfortable in my job.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

And you never know, you just might be richer too!

Happy garage selling.

I'm so excited for you to have everyone working together to get in shape. It makes it so much easier when you have the support.

Frau said...

Love purging of unwanted items ...such a great feeling afterwards....if you haven't used in 2 years out if goes!

Anonymous said...


Ginger Jasper said...

I am a terrific hoarder but am beginning to say if its not been used get rid. I hope you make lots .....HUgs GJ x

Heart2Heart said...


Praising God for the many great things that are coming your way through making these healthier changes for you and your life.

Can't wait to hear how the garage sale goes.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Have fun with your garage sale - just make sure you don't take it all back home with you! LOL

prashant said...

It makes it so much easier when you have the support.
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Nishant said...

Love purging of unwanted items ...such a great feeling afterwards.
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