Friday, December 18, 2009

Fridays With Jake - A Celebration

Mom's been MIA for a little while and she wanted me to apologize for her.  With winter cheer, swim season, the holidays, and other issues causing her stress (she can't go into it right now) she has had some major writers block.  But I talked her into letting me do my column today.

It's time for celebration, Big K just finished her first semester at college and has moved back home for the holiday break.  In reality Big K is my human but when she moved away to college I stayed with mom and dad.  And, today is Little K's last day of classes, that means I will have human company during the day until after the new year.  I just love it when my family is around.

Dad's company is shutting down sometime next week for the holidays - the more the merrier, I just wish mom could stay home with us too.

I'm getting used to the new kitten (all 3.5 pounds of him).  I love going up to him and putting my nose under his tummy and flipping him over.  He must like it because he comes back for more.  I just wish he would quit playing with my tail and attaching himself to my legs.  Mom said to be patient, the claws come out at the end of the month.  Ouch.....glad they arn't taking my claws out, after all how would I dig all of those lovely holes in the back yard.  I know mom and dad just love my holes, they say something about them every time they see a new one.

As you already now it snowed lots here, I love playing in the snow.  I just can't seem to get used to going outside via another door though, the snow has my door blocked. 

Well I better go, I hear that kitten doing something and since mom is at work I better check on him for her.



Ina in Alaska said...

Just don't let Ginger anywhere near that kitty! Love, Toby & Jeter (as dictated to their mom, Ina) xoxo

RCUBEs said...

Thanks for the update Jake! May the Lord sustain everyone with His strength. Merry Christmas to all! God bless.

KK said...

Thanks for the update Jake, I'm your biggest fan!

Kwana said...

Good to hear from you Jake. Thanks for the update and so glad the family is all together for the holidays.