Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update - Am I Crazy?

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Everyone deserves some time to just play. 

My new job is going great, I am in the process of learning new accounting software (I know - I'm a nerd), and learning a new industry.  This job is now taking me out of the office once in a while;  I am leaning how to conduct a Lead Paint and Pre-Shipment Inspections for items being shipped over seas. I've learned and lot and have a lot to learn.  I am really enjoying the challenge.


Well, it's official, the date has been set and the church as been reserved - Big K is getting married on January 1, 2011.  They were hoping to get married before summer and with him being in the service and family out of state that teaches finding a date was getting hard and they were getting very discouraged.  Last weekend we took a family trip to Oceans of Fun (it's a water park) and during one of our conversation with Big K and N we suggestion the Christmas holiday.  So here we are - 6 month out, no more time to doddle.  I think she's picking out and ordering her dress today.


I received a call from a friend on Monday, they are hosting a foreign exchange student this year and told me about a girl hadn't been placed yet and time was running out for her.  After reading her profile they thought about our family and asked if we would consider it, I said sure, send me the profile.  I thought no harm in reading it and chances are it won't go anywhere.  Four days later we have prayed-talked-prayed some more-cleaned out our office/stash it all room and have met with the coordinator. Our new addition to the family should arrive the middle of August.  I'll share more information as I get it.


Little K gets her senior pictures taken this week.  I can't believe she is going to be a senior and will be graduating.  Little K is a senior model this year for Captured Memories.  Here is one of her model pictures:


Now with all of that said - maybe I am a little crazy but it sure won't be boring around here for the next 11 months.  The question is - once everyone leaves next year what will B & I do with ourselves?

Have a great weekend.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I bet it's a relief to have the wedding date set!

Little K's senior picture is really pretty. They sure grow up fast!

What will you do after the kids leave the nest??? You adopt more! :)

t.t. millers said...

Congrats about the wedding and the german student you will be hosting. Wow! It will be a busy and exciting year for you!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog... I LOVE meeting fellow Christian Sisters in the Blog world!!! Gonna mark you for sure to come back & visit!

That's exciting stuff about your new family temporary member! :) God must have big stuff in store for you all! :)